Native American Mohawk Handbuilt Festival Vessel


Native American Mohawk Handbuilt Festival Vessel by Sosakete

Sosakete (He who carries the Corn) has revived and is single-handedly carrying forth a 4,000-year-old ancient art form of traditional Mohawk pottery. He gathers the raw clay from the earth, leaving an offering, and then cleans and adds various tempers to the clay. Each pot is hand-pinched and coiled and then traditionally fired outside using hardwoods. These pots were used for cooking and would hang above the fire by a rope around the neck of the pot. Each mark carved into the clay was placed on the pot for functionality. The marks would ensure the pots would not slip on the rope they hung by nor would they slip in the cook's hands. These pots also have additional marks around the neck to identify clan.


12.5 in. tall x 9 in. dia.



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