Native American Hopi Handbuilt and Handpainted Wedding Vase


Native American Hopi Handbuilt and Handpainted Wedding Vase by White Swann

Wonderful handbuilt and handpainted wedding vase. Dolly did a beautiful job on this classic, traditional ceremonial vessel. The Wedding Vase is an ancient vessel still used in traditional Pueblo wedding ceremonies. Each spout of the vessel represents one of those to be wed. The looped handle represents the unity achieved with marriage. The space created within the loop represents the circle of life. In the traditional ceremony, the couple drink nectar (prepared by the medicine man) from the spouts to represent the blending of their lives. The pot is a reflection of the ancient rite. Pottery ring included.

White Swann (Dolly Joe Navasie) learned the art of making pottery early in life by watching and working with her mother, Eunice Navasie.

White Swans digs her clay and processes it in the traditional way. She hand coils her pottery and fires it outdoors with sheep dung. White Swann uses yucca leaves to make her paint brushes. The maroon coloration is achieved with the use of iron oxide. the yellow clay provides the orange finish. Like all the Hopi potters, she is always learning and is now refining her "blush" that is achieved when firing the pots.


10 in. tall


White Swann--7182

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