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It is impossible to say for certain when smudging began. The idea of purification by using burning sage or other herbs is not the belief system of only the Native Americans. Sage has been used by ancient peoples and is still used today around the world for cleansing and healing. We sell dried white sage in several sizes as well as loose in bags. We highly recommend "The Smudging and Blessings Book" so you can feel sure that you are working with this wonderful natural cleansing and healing agent properly. As you smudge, remind yourself that the smoke is ascending to the heavens, to the spirits, and that the smoke carries your thoughts and prayers. Sage is sold by weight.



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Sage--Large Wand


A sage wand is necessary for smudging or cleansing ceremonies.

Dimensions: approx 9 in.; sold by weight

SKU: Sage--Large



This is loose sage we have bagged into 5x5, great for smudging or adding to a ceremonial burn with other items.

Dimensions: 5 in. x 5 in. bag; sold by weight

SKU: Sage--Bagged

Sage--Small Wand


This is a small wand. It is a small wand. Sage is sold by weight so it might look different from the picture.

Dimensions: approx 4 in. long

SKU: Sage--Small

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