Antique Native American Hopi Carved Cold Bringing Woman Katsina Doll


Antique Native American Hopi Carved Cold Bringing Woman (Horo Mana or Yohozro Wuhti) Katsina Doll by Thomas Collateta (dec. 2018)
Cold Bringing Woman (Horo Mana or Yohozro Wuhti) appears on First Mesa during the Powamuya. She carries bundles of reeds in her hands which are used as traditional combs to muss up peoples' hair when she appears with Nuvak'chin, her grandson. As her name implies, she brings the whiteness of winter. This particular doll is fully carved and then dressed in pile-lined fabric with a deerskin cape. She wears a white handwoven sash. A wonderful older piece by the late Tom Collateta.


16 in. tall


Thomas Collateta--0653

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