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Kachina House offers a vast selection of Native American Horsehair Ceramic Pottery. This style of pottery lends itself to figures as well as the classic pot shapes. Ceramic pottery is beautiful and collectible. Because the potter does not hand build each pot, instead opting for a pot that comes from a mold, there is more time to spend on the etching and painting. Etching and painting techniques have improved over time and the cost of this type of pottery is less than hand built or hand coiled pots.

The ancient Indian tribes made this pottery to honor a favorite horse or to celebrate the birth of a horse. It is said that this pottery was first created when a long-haired maiden was removing hot pottery from her kiln and the wind blew her hair onto the hot pot and burned the hair into the pottery. The pottery is poured, fired for a period of time after which it is removed from the kiln, and hair from the mane and the tail of a horse are draped on the pottery. The hair creates the dark lines and the smoke from the burning hair creates the cloudy grey areas. The pottery is then returned to the kiln where firing is completed. Then the pottery is removed from the kiln, etched and spray-glazed. Each piece of pottery comes with a certificate of authenticity. This certifies that the pottery has been handcrafted by a Native American Indian artist. Our horsehair pottery is created in Arizona and New Mexico by several potters.
Please note that the photos below are examples ONLY. Each piece is hand finished and etching will be different from that shown. Animals and figures may or may not be etched.