Specialty Slip-Poured Ceramic Pottery

Kachina House offers a vast selection of Native American Ceramic Pottery. This section focuses on pottery from Acoma and Laguna Pueblos. Ceramic pottery is beautiful and collectible. Because the potter does not hand build each pot, instead opting for a pot that comes from a mold, there is more time to spend on the etching and painting. These techniques have improved over time and the cost of this type of pottery is less than hand built or hand coiled pots.

Ceramic pottery is created through a process by which clay is poured into a mold, fired in a kiln, then hand painted and hand etched by the potter. This pottery is referred to as slip-poured, slip-cast, or simply ceramic. This method of creating pottery allows the potter to create many more finished pieces; the art in this pottery being in the finishing of each piece.

Each design the potter uses has significance to the individual and his or her Native American culture. Standard items on some of the pottery are as follows: straight lines on Acoma pots represent prayers for rain; symbols on Laguna pots include Katsinam, animals, and feather patterns.

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Items 1-12 of 52